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New Patients at Empower Chiropractic

patient in waiting roomWhen you join Empower Chiropractic, you get access to a community that cares about pursuing wellness the right way. We are always excited to invite new patients into our Fort Collins office and get you started on your journey to optimal health.

As with every medical appointment, there is some paperwork each new patient needs to fill out. You can either do this on your first day in the office or you can receive and fill out the forms electronically before coming into the office.

Day One

On the first day you visit, Dr. Jenessa will focus on gathering all the necessary information for a successful partnership with you. She will check your body’s alignment, muscle function, trigger points, and more. You will discuss with her your medical history, your health goals, and your hopes for care. If necessary, X-Rays will be taken on-site for further diagnosis. In all, it should take about an hour to complete this thorough examination and initial discussion.

Day Two

Your second visit should only take about 30 minutes. With all the information from your previous visit in hand, Dr. Jenessa will lead you through a conversation that is focused on what therapy plan will best work for you. It is not her style to prescribe a single care plan to new patients. In presenting available options to you, her goal is to combat the source of your discomfort effectively while helping you determine what steps you would like to take in your healthcare journey.

Once you and Dr. Jenessa have agreed on the next steps, you will have officially joined the Empower Chiropractic community. Welcome!

Payment & Finance Options

We accept all major credit cards as a form of payment. While we are not currently working with insurance providers, we do accept payments through health savings accounts.

Get Started

Come visit our office and join our community of health-conscious individuals embracing their unique journey to better wellness. Contact us to schedule your first appointment.


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