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Advanced Services Offered at Empower Chiropractic

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Empower Chiropractic offers advanced services to ensure you are receiving the help you need to heal from the inside out.
kinesio taping on persons back

  • Functional Dry Needling: If you are dealing with stubborn or dysfunctional muscle tissue, Dr. Jenessa may recommend Functional Dry Needling. This soft tissue technique can be used for any area of the body not responding to hands-on therapy, or to fight neurodegenerative diseases-conditions that harm the brain’s communication to muscles and vice versa.

    Similar to the more commonly known treatment of acupuncture, Functional Dry Needling uses small needles to bring blood and oxygen to the affected area, helping that part of the body relax and start to heal itself. Dr. Jenessa is certified in advanced Functional Dry Needling techniques and is able to utilize this therapy to treat stubborn and long term areas of concern, as well as acute injuries.

  • Kinesiotaping: All ages-infants to adults-can benefit from Kinesiotaping. You may receive this care for many reasons, but primarily we use it for dysfunctional muscle tissue. In place of a brace, which immobilizes an area, tape can stabilize as well as rehabilitate muscle tissue or joints.

    Many Fort Collins weekend warriors get taped once or twice a year, while some athletes get it every week. Whether it is soreness, chronic pain, or an acute injury you are dealing with like a sprained ankle, Kinesiotaping may be an effective way to get your body back to healing itself.

  • Nasal Specific Technique: This is an option you and Dr. Jenessa may consider if you are dealing with chronic sinus issues, allergies, nasal trauma (such as broken noses), TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues, and/or migraines.

    A rare modality, Nasal Specific Technique utilizes a small balloon inserted into the nose to adjust the cranial/facial bones with the goal of restoring and improving brain function, nasal passageways and cranial bone alignment. Patients experience a number of benefits as scar tissue is released and cranial/facial bones are realigned, alleviating pressure and reducing dysfunction in your body.

  • Physiotherapy: Dr. Jenessa believes in giving you the tools to heal yourself in the office as well as on your own time. She incorporates stretches and exercises to help rehabilitate your muscles and joints to speed up your healing process and increase your overall wellness.

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