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Meet Dr. Jenessa VanSandt

Dr. Jenessa is passionate about helping athletes and health-conscious individuals receive effective therapy and practical education when it comes to their bodies. Beyond pain relief and restoration of mobility, Dr. Jenessa is an advocate of her patients’ long-term health through proactive injury prevention and maintenance of the body.


Dr Jenessa photoA native of Southern California, Dr. Jenessa knew at a young age that she was not made for a desk job. As a current coach and former athlete who grew up in gymnastics, cheerleading, and dance, Dr. Jenessa “would quite literally do cartwheels to move around as a kid” to keep herself busy.

At age 12, like many other young athletes, she sustained a significant injury – a torn meniscus from a tumbling pass during practice. Despite MRIs, physical therapy appointments, and conversations with medical doctors, nothing led to healing and her athletic career was halted. Finally, when Dr. Jenessa went in to see her childhood chiropractor, she received holistic therapy that relieved pain and helped her body quickly return to functioning properly.

Because of this, Dr. Jenessa loves championing the sustainable healing available in chiropractic care and is passionate about helping patients avoid the ineffective rehabilitation process she went through.


Education and Specialization

After getting a B.S. in Cognitive Science (with a specialization in Neuroscience) at University of California, San Diego, Dr. Jenessa graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Northern California and started practicing in 2016.

She is certified in Kinesiotaping and Functional Dry Needling, as well as is a Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner (CCEP). Dr. Jenessa’s specialties are driven by her passion in healing all extremities, such as hands, feet, knees, and shoulders.

Personal Life

When she is not working, Dr. Jenessa loves to spend time with her family – her husband Reed, son Casey, and two dogs, Ally and Maia. They love hiking, camping, paddleboarding, and hanging out with friends. You might see them out on Horsetooth Reservoir, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, or spending time with friends at one of Fort Collins’ many craft breweries.

Join the Community

Whether you are dealing with a sports injury or just need general pain relief and wellness care, Dr. Jenessa wants to help. She will provide a free, no-obligation consultation over the phone to learn about your unique situation. Contact us now.


Dr. Jenessa Vansandt | (970) 685-8249